HCDB0810 series Standard Specifications


  • RoHS, Halogen Free and REACH Compliance
  • Unshielded power inductor
  •  Various package size and wide inductance range. HCDB-HC family is designed for low resistance and high current purpose


  • DC/DC converters

Ordering Code:

  1. Type
  2. Dimensions
  3. Tape Packing
  4. Inductance
  5. Inductance Tolerance

J : ±5%     K : ±10% L : ±15%
M : ±20% Y : ±25% T : ±30%

Shape and Dimensions

Recommended Pattern

Dimensions in mm

HCDB080412.95+09.4+05.21+02.542.547.62 2.97.3713.212.79 
HCDB081012.95+09.4+011.43+02.542.547.62 2.97.3713.212.79 
HCDB130618.54+015.24+07.11+02.542.5412.70 2.912.4518.292.79 
HCDB0503HC8.89+06.1+05+05.84   1.914.068.895.08 
HCDB0804HC13.21+09.91+06.35+02.54   1.524.0611.688.64 
HCDB0810 series Standard Specifications
Part No.InductanceTest Freq.DCR(Ω)Isat(A)Irms(A)SRF(MHz)Marking
HCDB0810T-2R2□2.2100 kHz,0.1 V0.0072134.5302R2
HCDB0810T-3R3□3.3100 kHz,0.1 V0.025104303R3
HCDB0810T-4R7□4.7100 kHz,0.1 V0.03383.5254R7
HCDB0810T-6R8□6.8100 kHz,0.1 V0.02573.5236R8
HCDB0810T-100□10100 kHz,0.1 V0.03383.522100
HCDB0810T-150□15100 kHz,0.1 V0.0427318150
HCDB0810T-220□22100 kHz,0.1 V0.0545.52.511220
HCDB0810T-330□33100 kHz,0.1 V0.08429330
HCDB0810T-470□47100 kHz,0.1 V0.13.81.68470
HCDB0810T-680□68100 kHz,0.1 V0.1731.27680
HCDB0810T-101□100100 kHz,0.1 V0.222.51.25101
HCDB0810T-151□150100 kHz,0.1 V0.3420.94151
HCDB0810T-221□220100 kHz,0.1 V0.441.60.73.5221
HCDB0810T-271□270100 kHz,0.1 V0.
HCDB0810T-331□330100 kHz,0.1 V0.
HCDB0810T-471□470100 kHz,0.1 V0.9510.32471
HCDB0810T-681□680100 kHz,0.1 V1.210.22681
HCDB0810T-102□1000100 kHz,0.1 V20.80.11.5102

NOTE: □-tolerance M=±20% / T=±30%
1.Operating temperature range -40℃~125℃(Including self – temperature rise)
2.Isat for Inductance drop 20% from its value without current.
3.Irms for a 40℃ temprature rise from 25℃ ambient.
Packaging Specifications

Dimensions in mm-HCDB SERIES

TYPETape  Dimensions Reel DimensionsQuantity PCS/REEL
HCDB08045.41.551.75241642 3301001324.4750
HCDB081011.51.551.75242042 3301001324.4225
HCDB13067.51.551.75242042 3301001324.4350

Dimensions in mm-HCDB HC SERIES

TYPETape  Dimensions Reel DimensionsQuantity PCS/REEL
HCDB0804HC5.31.551.75161242 33010013161000
HCDB0810HC6.11.551.75241642 3301001324.2700
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