Huachen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is an electronic high-tech enterprise that designs, develops and professionally produces electronic products. The electronic components produced are widely used in different fields, such as: computer peripheral products and TV, GPS, automotive electronics, household appliances, digital Products, etc. Production and sales service outlets cover the whole country, China Taiwan, Asia, Europe and the United States. At present, the customers of cooperation with the company include SONY, SAMSUNG, HP, ZTE, Huawei, TCL, Changhong and other international manufacturers.


1. The basic salary of company employees is 1250 yuan, full attendance is 100 yuan, normal overtime work is 10.78 yuan/hour, Saturday and Sunday overtime is 14.37 yuan/hour, and legal holidays are 21.55 yuan/hour.
2. The company’s high-end automation workshop has a subsidy ranging from 5-10 yuan/day, night shift subsidy is 10 yuan/day, and the company subsidizes 100 yuan/month for a full year, and the subsequent annual increase is 50 yuan/month, and so on Accumulatively capped at 500 yuan/month.
3. The company distributes daily necessities benefits every month, and every month the company celebrates all birthdays, creating a homely warmth for everyone, and welcomes more partners to join the big family of Brilliance Electronics.

Recruitment Contact: Miss Ma Recruitment Tel: 13974757879
Company phone: 0475-6711667/07456711668
Recruitment time: from now on, long-term recruitment
Work location: Zhijiang Luojiu Town Industrial Park

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